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Welcome to HOT Laser Works

We will be moving soon!  Keep an eye on the website for further details.  For May 2019 HUGE - discount on our services!


About Us

Designed from scratch, laser engraved and cut through 1/8" (4mm) plywood

Precision Services on a variety of materials

I had worked as a STEAM instructor during 2017 at TechShop.  The idea of providing to the public access to a precision laser cutting and engraving service came about from the demand seen at maker spaces.  The laser cutter is primed for accuracy, intricate works, and easily programmed to cut or engrave any designs left to the imagination on paper, acrylic and plywood (up to 1/2" thick - 12 mm), solid wood, and on almost anything ranging from  cardboard to stone, glass, metals, as well as acrylic and ply- or solid woods.

Metal cutting will be offered in the near future as we setup our flat bed 200W laser.

Come for an Introduction Workshop

We offer workshops to show those new or experienced to the field of graphic design and show how tangible projects can be created easily with our laser cutter.  The majority of the work is actually done by the artist as the laser follows what has been drawn. 

We also offer workshops through Airbnb Experiences!  Check it out:  Airbnb Laser Workshop


Run your project with us and see

We offer timely and quality work, skills backed with experience, and attention to details with this 3-decimal point level of precision on a variety of materials.


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For the month of May 2019  we are offering many services and activities for a large discount in preparation for our move to a new location!  

HOT Laser Works - MOVING SOON!

976 23rd Ave, Oakland, CA 94606


Since we are able to run anytime in the 24 hours of a day, it's best to set an appointment to really catch us!

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